Fitness club WorldClass

Fitness club WorldClass


Being a WorldClass member means getting access to unlimited premium fitness options! We are glad that our team managed to cooperate with such a well-known brand and create an ultra-modern sports space in Kaliningrad!

Any fitness club starts with an idea that, as it matures, takes on the shape of a project. We know there are no trifles in this matter. Each zone is worked out separately in accordance with the chosen concept. When developing the layout of the premises, first of all, attention is paid to such a factor as convenience for visitors.

All areas of the club, including a gym, an aqua complex with a swimming pool and a sauna, a group exercise room, a children's room and a bar, create a single multifunctional space and an atmosphere of sports achievements.

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Consultation on all issues:
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Scope of services:

  • Development of stylistic solutions
  • A design project is a complex project from the development of layouts and visual solutions to the construction of all the drawings necessary for work.
  • Equipment - selection of all design elements and budgeting.
  • Architectural supervision - customer support at all stages of renovation before the opening of the establishment