Shop "PLANETA SPORT" on Sovetsky Prospect

Shop "PLANETA SPORT" on Sovetsky Prospect


This is a network of sports stores, which presents more than 10 thousand sports and travel goods. By opening this facility, we aimed not only at organizing a retail space, but, above all, a stylish sports space for consulting and testing equipment.

Unique solutions in the development of the project:
1. Central location of the cash register
2. Interactive navigation
3. Facade made of wooden slats
4. Thoughtful connection of the exterior with the urban environment


Convenient and beautiful shopping space
Consultation on all issues:
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Scope of services:

  • Development of stylistic solutions
  • Sketch design of the building facade
  • A design project is a complex project from the development of layouts and visual solutions to the construction of all the drawings necessary for work.
  • Equipment - selection of all design elements and budgeting.
  • Architectural supervision - customer support at all stages of renovation before the opening of the establishment