There is another version, which I personally find quite amusing. According to her, the cake is indeed named after the French emperor. In 1912, on the occasion of the centenary of the victory of the Russian troops over the French, celebrations were held at the royal court, and confectioners prepared a puff pastry for the festive table that melted in the mouth. A delicacy was served to the guests in the form of triangles, in which the patriots saw the tricorne hat of the defeated emperor. If we take this version for culinary truth, then this year the Napoleon cake celebrates its 105th anniversary. So there is a reason to eat a piece, or even two. True, a really good, "correct" dessert can be tasted in just a few places in the city.

I found the most delicious "Napoleon" in a completely unexpected place for myself. At the Claire cafe at the Baltneft gas station at the corner of Krasnoselskaya Street and Prospekt Mira. They sell amazing cakes here, and Napoleon is just one of them. When I first tried it, I was sure that the cake was homemade, made from excellent products according to my grandmother's recipe. It turned out that I was not far from the truth. The journalistic investigation confirmed that the recipe for "Napoleon" is indeed from the family cookbook of the owner of the establishment. Natural products and the absence of food chemicals make the cake tender, airy and unpleasant. Everything else, according to the confectioners from the dressing, is within the standard recipe: just puff pastry and just custard. But they are clearly not saying something ...

Cafe "Claire"
Prospect Mira, 151

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