The company of integrated solutions in the field of hospitality HoReCa Solutions shares the secrets of creating successful business projects.

Olga Teslenko,Head of the HoReCa Solutions design studio: 
— Having successfully developed several of the most beloved and visited establishments in our city, we are ready to share the algorithm for implementing business projects - from creating a concept to decorating napkins.
The process of opening or renovating HoReCa establishments consists of many complex and, at first glance, unrelated stages. However, over the years of work, we have built a certain order and together with the customer, a team of marketers, technologists, designers and managers, we collect all stages like beads on a strong fishing line.




Visualization of rooms, hotel Lastadie (under construction).

In our work, we changed the traditional sequence: idea, sketch, selection of materials, budget calculation and schedule. We've turned the whole process and development of each establishment upside down: we start by talking about a unique concept and, first of all, by discussing the financial issue.



"Croissant cafe" on the street Bagration.

Design as part of a brand: 
In a sharp competition, the most striking and unique wins, and we need to create such an image and saturation of the institution so that it is remembered and attracts visitors again and again.


Shop "First bakery".


Visualization: lobby, hotel Lastadie (under construction).

We clearly know what share of the total budget should be spent on furniture, lighting, finishing and construction and installation work. We carefully analyze every step and select the most optimal solutions. Working as an interior studio, we can create any elements of furniture and light, according to the design concept and in accordance with the price range of the project, thereby saving the customer's time and costs. 
The next step is drawing up a work schedule for planning investments and controlling the timing of projects.


Design as the basis for success: It is 
impossible to win only on design - this is the look, and the essence must be filled with product, marketing and service. It's ideal when everything matches, and we always strive to convey the idea that success is teamwork.



Pizzeria "Papasha Beppe" on the street Leonov.

Design as a Unique Advantage: 
In nature, it’s like this: each species needs to stand out from its competitors in order to survive. Business projects are a vivid confirmation of this. And design is always a unique combination of materials and textures, furniture and light, atmosphere and impressions from it. And, of course, a lot depends on the level of professionalism, so you just need to carefully choose a specialist.







Organization of the trade space of the Naturovo agricultural factory.

HoReCa Solutions company

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