For several years in a row, the well-known manufacturer of ceramic tiles Peronda has been recruiting for its fashion laboratory - PerondaFashionLab. This creative project from a Spanish factory brings together professional designers from all over the world. And not only working in the field of architecture and interior, but also engaged in graphic, industrial, multimedia design, realizing their creative potential in art workshops, photographic studios or in a fashion studio.



- Did you expect to win?  
- I have always been a rather modest person, but, apparently, the time has come to declare myself. Of course, this was a pleasant surprise for me, and it is especially gratifying that my work and potential were appreciated by professionals who understand the importance of a creative design product. I am grateful both to the Peronda factory, which believed in me, and to the Tvoy Dom company for this acquaintance. By the way, “Your House” is not the first time to open the doors of prestigious European competitions for Kaliningrad specialists: last year, with the light hand of “Your House”, a designer from our city Svetlana Urusova. 
For Spanish tile manufacturers, this, one might say, is already a rule to identify new trends - to contact practicing designers, including Russian ones. This is the most productive "cut of fresh ideas" and the opportunity to launch innovative collections into production. The tile design, developed by Svetlana, was recognized as one of the best, also because this collection will be easy to implement in production. 
Thanks to this cooperation of designers with the company "Your House", all Kaliningradians have the opportunity to purchase the most fashionable collections of ceramic tiles for their interiors, and designers - not only to work with first-class ceramics and visit factories, but also to conquer the world!



- What awards and opportunities do FashionLab winners receive?  
- Peronda has a special approach to its competition - it is a creative project for the factory. The main task is to help talented people in their professional development. By engaging artists and designers from all over the world to collaborate, Peronda articulates its philosophy: "An artist needs a strong company, and a company needs a talented artist." 
FashionLab winners will receive a cash prize of 5,000 euros, which is more correctly called a talent grant. This money goes to the development of creative projects. For example, one of the FashionLab participants, Patricia Adam, a women's clothing designer, thanks to her collaboration with Peronda, she was able to present her collection at Milan Fashion Week and open her own studio of an exclusive costume. And Francisco Segarra, who has been restoring old furniture for a long time, got the chance to open his own workshop for the production of "antique" furniture. He also collaborated with Peronda to design an impressive vintage-style restaurant with his furnishings. 
FashionLab members, in turn, share their creative energy with Peronda - they develop unusual tile collections for the factory with their own signature style. The fashionable wardrobe from the Milanese show of Patricia Adam then formed the basis of her collection of ceramics, the texture of which resembles knitted things. The ceramics of Francisco Segarra, accordingly, are imbued with the spirit of antiquity. When I first saw her in a salon on Kovalchuk Street, 3-9 (and this is perhaps one of the best salons in Kaliningrad, with an unusually wide and interesting range of ceramics), I decided that this was an original vintage English tile, and how nice was to find out that this collection was created by my contemporary!

- How will you manage your scholarship?  
- I have been professionally designing for over 12 years. Together with colleagues from my studio, we have implemented over 250 projects, both private and public. But in recent years, the sphere of our interests has mainly become the interiors of cafes, restaurants and hotels. Kaliningraders are well aware of our objects: "Croissant", "Britannica", "Parmesan", "Potofan" and a number of others. In this regard, we have a business project HorecaSolution, which practices an integrated professional approach to the implementation of public interiors. 
It was in the development of the HorecaSolution group of companies that Peronda decided to contribute. 
- Will a tile collection by OlgaTeslenko * appear? 
- This is an obligatory, important and very pleasant condition for me! I have about six months to develop the collection. There are already several ideas. Emotional message number one is the Russian theme, because I am the first Russian designer to win this competition. But I would like to show Russia in a modern reading - not Gzhel and Khokhloma in the traditional presentation, but something primordial, but in a new and relevant treatment. It is important to combine outstanding ceramics with my personal style and consumer demand. I never wanted to be a designer out of touch with life, and always strived to ensure that my projects were commercially successful and make people's lives more elegant and emotionally warmer. I think my collection of tiles will be just that, and you will see it not only at the exhibition in Italy, but also at the Peronda stands in the salon on Kovalchuk Street.

- One of the ways not to miss is to push off the trends. What kind of ceramics are currently considered fashionable? 
- Wood, stone, marble, concrete tiles. This is what captivates Europe and fascinates Kaliningraders more and more persistently. Wood imitation tiles are not only visually attractive, but also a rational solution. Such tiles, unlike natural materials, are able to withstand the most severe operating conditions. With the same success, ceramics replaces natural marble - it recreates textures exactly, but much more affordable. For example, Peronda's 360o porcelain stoneware collection offers the versatile use of "marble" for walls, floors and even ceilings. 
If it is important for you to focus on fashion trends when creating an interior, pay attention to the exhibition stands and catalogs in the salon on the street. Kovalchuk. Opening design horizons, creating interiors with ease and professionalism - the mission of this salon. Designer trips to factories are only part of the job. It is equally important to acquaint customers with high-quality ceramic tiles: bright, interesting and in demand, and to provide everyone with the opportunity to see how the design idea is being implemented in the interior. If the buyer creates something of his own without the help of a specialist, he will receive a bathroom design project as a gift. 
To do everything competently - this is the professional approach, which is so important for me.


Source link: http://kdoma.ru/showcase/avtorskiy-pocherk/


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